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About Us

Diane and I met years ago in a corn field in Indiana. Instant chemistry. Circumstances prevented us from plowing that field. In 2008 we met again in the same Indiana corn field (weird crop-circle type coincidence).This time we harnessed our energy, synergy happened and we haven’t stopped.

We are pitchmen.

Not the usual “as-seen-on tv” type pitchmen though. We find and sell products that we love and use at home. Then we market them in our own special way. I am the talker/explainer/storyteller/pitchman. Diane is the brains behind the operation. She organizes things, can finish a project and knows how to get me off the couch. She is wild about Harry and she is the love of my life. We are passionate about each other but also about the things we sell.

Just so you know.

We have been trying to stay away from selling things that say “Made in China” on them. We do this whenever we can. That’s a hard order these days. If we can source anything from the U.S. we do. Sometimes, we just can’t find the stuff we need here. As far as our plates go, they are made in Spain and they will remain that way. Pottery, ceramics, and tile have been made in Spain by family artisans for many centuries. We like that. We are happy to help maintain their craft, way of life and help them prosper. If China had a product that was made by the family artisans for centuries then we might even have a go at that. Quite frankly we are tired of our 21st century Walmart world, so if we can avoid “Made in China,” we will. Thanks-Harry Wilder
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